Warm Air Heating Vs Radiant Heating

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Warm Air Heating Vs Radiant Heating

When you’re investing in a brand new heating system for your Commercial or industrial environment, you want to get it right. But with new types of system regularly coming on the market, it can be a little confusing for a heating novice. Luckily, Heaters Wholesale are here to explain. We specialise in two new types of heating system – radiant heating and warm air heating. Both are versatile, efficient products, and which one you choose will probably depend more on your working environment than anything else. Here are a few tips to help you.

Warm Air Heating
Warm Air Heating systems – often referred to as HVAC – work by heating air and pushing it around a building. These heating systems have the added bonus of being suitable to also use as air conditioning in the summer months, by simply adjusting the temperature of the air. Because of this they can be ideal in workplaces which are heavily populated, such as offices, hotels and restaurants. They allow you to save on your energy bills too, costing around 20% less in energy than a traditional heating system.

Radiant Heating
These clever systems work by radiating heat around the room, hitting people, objects, walls and floors which then retain the heat and then act as additional heaters. This brings the benefit that even if the windows or doors have to be opened and cold air rushes into the building, the various objects, walls and floors will still retain their heat, and much less heat will be lost than with a traditional system. This benefit in turn leads to large energy savings too. So, radiant heaters can be ideal in businesses where it is necessary to regularly open doors, such as some factories. An added benefit of Radiant Heating is that they also help reduce the risk of plant disease, making them ideal for greenhouses and garden centre heating too.

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