Taking the Hard Work Out Of Heating Your Factory

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Taking the Hard Work Out Of Heating Your Factory

We all work better if the temperature isn’t something we have to consider. Too hot, too cold; either one of these worries means less time is spent thinking about the job in hand and more of it feeling the effects of a poor working environment. When it’s just right, the thought doesn’t even enter our heads, leaving the workforce free to be at their best. With large industrial units prone to the cold, you may have considered a new industrial heating solution, but have given up, due to the long installation times, the ductwork and the cost.

Here at Heaters Wholesale, we supply a range of industrial and commercial heaters that make staying warm a breeze! Our gas-fired unit heaters are the answer to all your problems.

So why could a gas-fired warm air unit heater be ideal for you?

All factories, warehouses, workshops or similar such spaces are different, and as such your heating system needs to be able to contend with the building’s extremities. With either wall or roof penetration, these heaters allow you, or our expert team, to decide the best installation options, for only the best results!

With low thermal inertia and an air-to-air heating system, you’ll find the range on offer at Heaters Wholesale to be one of the most effective, delivering not only convenience and consistency but quality and reliability as well.

The high suspension options allow for a space-saving heating solution, whilst reinforced support rods, weatherproof flashing and a mounted cantilever bracket (where applicable) bring peace of mind to set-up, so you can rest assured your heating isn’t going anywhere once you’ve chosen with us. Extensive controls and a digital time clock round of this comprehensive heating package.

Here at Heaters Wholesale, we’re proud to offer you solutions to all aspects of your commercial and industrial heating woes. These solutions afford you practicality and efficiency, all of the time. For the easiest way to heat your unit today, call 0116 269 7697 for your free site survey today.


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