Things You Need To Know About Warm Air Gas Heaters

Heating is an essential requirement which provides a warm, workable environment during the colder months; however if you choose the correct heating solution for your property, you may discover that heaters are more than a mere source of warmth. It’s for this reason that many industrial and commercial premises opt for warm air heaters – and to find out why this is, we at Heaters Wholesale Limited have devised this helpful guide, filled with everything you need to know about this popular form of heating.

There is a broad variety of heating applications available and while this offers you choice as a consumer, it can be very confusing to identify the right heating system for your property whether it be an office in the middle of London or industrial units. This is something that we understand, which is why we’ve compiled a brief guide outlining the various benefits of this particular heat source.

Energy Efficiency

With concerns surrounding the environment, many businesses are choosing to lower their carbon emission, and one effective way of achieving this is by reducing your energy consumption. The warm air heater works by upgrading the energy found in fresh air from outside, converting what would otherwise be cold air into warm fresh air. This unique way of using the energy in the air needs less energy than other traditional forms of heating and is therefore becoming an energy efficient way to heat a property.

Subsequently, one very prominent benefit of this, aside from those associated with the environment, is the reduced expense on energy consumption. Therefore, being green can benefit the environment and your wallet.


While heating is needed for those colder days, when the weather starts to warm up it would be nice to have air conditioning to control the indoor environment for optimum productivity; something the warm air heater can successfully achieve. As a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, the warm air heater acts as an air conditioning unit as well as a source of heat; allowing you to create the perfect indoor climate for you, your employees and your clients.

If you need further information on warm air heaters, or indeed any form of heating, we believe that we can help you choose the right heating unit for your property.

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