Reduce your Business Heating Costs with Radiant Heaters

The sporadic and often unpredictable nature of the British weather has meant that many of us expect sudden down pours of rain in the middle of summer, and while the weather is hotting up nicely, it’s important that you are fully prepared for a sudden temperature drop. It’s for this reason that you should make sure that your business is fully equipped with the latest radiant heating solution and air conditioning unit, which will both heat and cool your premises, creating the optimum indoor climate throughout the year.

While we at Heaters Wholesale believe that heaters are essential for a productive working environment, we appreciate that with the current economic climate, many businesses are trying to find ways to cut outgoing expenditures. The type of heating system you have can have a huge impact on the amount of energy needed to heat your premises, and while it’s important for you to lower costs, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your indoor working environment.

It’s precisely for this reason that we stock a range of heating solutions, with radiant heating being amongst the most energy efficient. This is largely due to its overall design, as unlike a conventional heater which warms a room by heating the indoor air, the radiant heater warms the objects within the room. The objects include people and furniture, and once they have been heated, they then contribute to the overall temperature of the room.

Due to this, the radiant heater is better suited to large warehouses or industrial units with a large amount of ventilation, as with other heaters, which heat the air, this air is then lost. However with the radiant heater, the objects remain warm, ensuring that your business loses less heat and therefore requires less energy to warm the property.

For further details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals based here at Heaters Wholesale to discuss radiant heaters in more depth.

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