How Radiant Differs Between Other Traditional Heating Methods.

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How Radiant Differs Between Other Traditional Heating Methods.

Ever since the onset of the industrial revolution and the beginning of manufacturing, Factory Heating buildings and warehouses’ struggled to retain the heat within the premises. Since the development of the of the warm air heating technology, the industrial heating market has evolved and grown from strength to strength.

A case in point is how popular infrared radiant heating has become throughout the years, compared to the traditional Warm Air Heating. They both hold their attributes, but, depending on the building, Infrared Heating can represent the most efficient heating solution, for factory and warehouse heating.

Many factory premises there was many years ago, and although structurally resilient, there was little concern over heat loss as there  was no significant thought into energy savings like today.

For example, the high ceilings that you often see in many industrial premises tend to lead to a process called stratification. This is where the air in the room arranges itself into layers of temperatures, ascending from the cold air at the ground level to warmer air towards the ceiling of the building.

By contrast, infrared radiant heaters work like the sun which transmits infrared rays into the room, which is then absorbed by the objects and people within the building. This heat is then slowly released over time allowing the place to remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. This can reduce the likelihood of stratification, meaning less heat loss through the roof and a potential saving on your energy use.

Will Infrared heating suit my building?

Each property will differ, with many factors that can identify whether radiant heaters are the right choice for you. Look around your property do any of the below apply?

Do you have high ceilings?

Do you regularly use loading bays with open shutters that increase the escape of the warm air?

Are your energy bills excessive?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may benefit from the installation of radiant tube heaters, and may benefit from a site survey carried out by a fully qualified installer to assess the most efficient way to heat your premises.

Heaters Wholesale will provide you with a free site survey, to determine which heating solution will suit your business with personnel trained to the highest standards, using only the highest quality equipment. Call today and speak to one of our friendly customer service team to arrange for a free survey.

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