An introduction to warm air heating

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An introduction to warm air heating

With an increasing amount of economic and environmental pressure being exerted on businesses to both save money and energy, more and more companies are looking for increasingly innovative ways of reducing their electricity and heating bills. We at Heaters Wholesale we can supply a range of commercial warm air heating systems which are a modern and more efficient alternative to traditional water heating systems.

Some of our systems are capable of saving you up to 20% on your business’ energy consumption, so you can view the expenditure on your new heating system as an intelligent, long-term business decision.

So what is Warm Air Heating?

A replacement for the traditional water heating systems, warm air heating is now a popular choice for new installations, particular thanks to their ability to improve a building’s energy efficiency.

They are a popular choice when considering Factory Heating and Warehouse Heating.

Warm air heaters work by forcing warm air around a building and some of the systems we can supply are able to save up to 20% on energy bills.

Floor Standing:

If you have space within the corner of your property, which is going unused, why not fit one of our floor standing heaters, such as the “cabinet heater”.

This particular heater is available in either natural gas or LPG, has been designed to provide heat over a long range, and is durable and versatile, whilst also being easy to install meaning our team cause minimum disruption to your working day.


When space is at a premium, our suspended heating systems are highly recommended. Some of our suspended heaters include “compact”, for when space is especially tight.

Both of these heating options are available in either natural gas or LPG, and both promise to provide your industrial building with adequate heat throughout the winter, without costing your business a small fortune in gas bills.

Products from Leading Manufacturers

Of course, all the knowledge in the world would be useless without being able to source the very best in heating equipment. To this end, we can supply heaters from market leading manufacturers including Roberts Gordon.

By working with the most reliable equipment you can rest assured that your heating systems could provide the level of performance that you need.

If you would like more information surrounding our industrial heaters, or if you would like a quote for a particular model, please Contact Heaters Wholesale our team to request your free site survey.


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